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Pipeline Survey, Inspection and Reporting

Improved Efficiency of Pipeline Inspection Operations

At Coda Octopus, we provide efficient and integrated solutions for offshore operations including pre- and post-lay surveys, live pipe lay monitoring, and pipeline inspection. For geophysical surveys, the GEO range of geophysical acquisition hardware and interrogation software digitizes sidescan and sub-bottom profiler data for fast and easy-to-interpret post processed results. Survey Engine® Pipeline+ includes support for free span measurements, corridor of interest definition, and extremely flexible attributing that takes the user from raw data files to fully interpreted GIS or CAD deliverables in one seamless environment.

The Coda Octopus 3D and MOTION product families support more dynamic operations including pipeline laying and rapid inspections. The Echoscope® real-time 3D sonar produces a volumetric swath with a large quantity of data points per pulse, in order to visualize moving operations live, in real-time.

Pipe laying and pipeline inspection projects can directly benefit from this capability unique to the Echoscope® range to control the position and placement of the pipe, locate touchdown points, inspect free span and catenaries, identify critical obstacles, and conduct pre- and post-lay surveys as the operation occurs – even in zero visibility conditions.

Adding a MOTION positioning and attitude sensor allows the CodaOctopus® Underwater Survey Explorer (USE) 3D visualization software to superimpose color coded 3D models and additional GIS datasets which can assist in project management. This complete Coda Octopus solution allows users to make real-time decisions that realize significant efficiency and safety benefits for each project.

Real-Time Benefits


  • Real-time 3D volumetric imaging despite zero visibility conditions

Decision Making

  • Fast and easy-to-interpret geophysical data acquisition and interpretation
  • Free span measurements and corridor of interest definition


  • Pre and post lay surveys

Round-the-Clock Support

Dedicated to enhanced customer service and support, TEAM members access a range of benefits alongside unsurpassed 24x7 technical support. Additionally, Coda Octopus offers on-site training for the products and Through Life Support for extended support that goes beyond regular service level support and warranties.

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With expertise in supplying leading-edge software and hardware solutions within our 3D, MOTION and GEO range of products, Coda Octopus has built a reputation of delivering quality solutions and after sales technical support. Contact us to request a quote on our products and services for premier underwater technologies

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