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Echoscope PIPE® AUV

Echoscope PIPE® AUV


The Echoscope PIPE® AUV is designed for integration in small torpedo-shaped autonomous underwater vehicles (AUVs)

Image Echoscope PIPE® AUV Equipment


Designed for autonomous applications with optimized payload performance, this model provides multiple Parallel 4D Data Sets simultaneously for different mission requirements and for real-time vehicle control, navigation and perception tasking. 

The Echoscope PIPE® AUV Model which forms part of our PIPE 3D/4D/5D and 6D sonar series is designed specifically for integration in small torpedo-shaped autonomous underwater vehicles (AUVs) with 9” diameter or greater. Mounted in a downward or sideways looking orientation, the Echoscope PIPE® AUV Model can be used in mapping mode offering multiple options of frequency, coverage and resolution. 

The PIPE Processing engine which sits at the heart of this new generation of imaging sonars can capture, process and display in real-time significantly higher data density with multiple parallel outputs and much higher ping rates. In addition, increased processing capability allows more advanced beamforming algorithms including phase-based processing resulting in more accurate bottom detection. An innovation of the PIPE series includes 3D full time-series data offering the capability to process up to 81 million points per ping (180x180x2500), to generate 4D images with typically several 100Ks 4D points per ping (depending on the insonified scene).

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