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Salvage and Recovery

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Content for Salvage and Recovery page

Real-Time 3D Visualization of Salvage and Recovery Operations

Decommissioning and salvaging projects by nature can encounter serious setbacks due to challenging water conditions, preventing identification of the necessary environmental information and, in general, lack of visibility in the environment. By providing high-resolution visualization of the underwater environment in a 3D space, the Echoscope® series of real-time 3D volumetric sonars provides added value to the full breadth of decommissioning and salvaging projects from the initial location and identification of the target site to its critical inspection and mapping.

The Echoscope, our patented innovative real-time 3D volumetric sonar solutions will provide comprehensive structural details for you to plan and continually assess your operations. Throughout the entire salvage or recovery operation, our innovative solution can be used to monitor the full breadth of all live operations including alerting to safety of unforeseen events (such as unidentified objects or changes), and also provide users a continually updated baseline map for subsequent operational planning. This technology allows users as part of their project deliverables to have a fully-documented timeline of all the critical events and the post-operational map without the expensive task of post processing data. A significant pedigree of customers are currently using this state-or-the art technology and includes commercial and naval salvage experts.

The Echoscope, combined with CodaOctopus® Underwater Survey Explorer (USE) 3D visualization software, can be used to monitor scour as it develops under a capsized or sunken vessel. Often, scour happens quickly and the current conditions this generates can be fatal to dive teams or support vessels. By providing real-time information on the quickly developing scene, the Echoscope offers the ability to respond as quickly as possible to dangerous conditions during a salvage or recovery operation.

USE captures all software features for optimizing the visualization of Echoscope 3D data with options to export mosaic data quickly, mark potential hazards, measure scour depth, and use baseline comparison to monitor changing bathymetry. These features can save valuable time and costs on salvage and recovery operations.

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