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Rental Policy

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Rent with Quality in Mind

At Coda Octopus, we operate an extensive rental pool  which includes our real time  3D Sonar range of products, Motion, and Geo families. Rental of our products delivers more than just equipment. As inventors of this patented technology, we have unrivalled knowledge and experience, gained over years of supporting a huge range of projects, to ensure the best deployment methodology to support your projects. We also offer 24x7x365 days support of rental projects and full back-up systems on hand.

Our skilled and experienced operators can be hired to provide a full range of services, from training customers on our hardware and software solutions, assisting with mobilization, or even operating the equipment for part or for the full duration of a project, depending on our customer’s needs.

The table below details what we have available in our rental pool. For precise availability, please contact a member of our sales team by clicking the button below:

3D Family

Echoscope Real-Time 3D Sonars

Echoscope® 3G Series Echoscope® 4G Series
Echoscope 600m, 3000m Echoscope4G Surface 20m
Echoscope C500 600m, 3000m Echoscope4G C500 Surface 20m
Echoscope XD 600m, 3000m Echoscope4G  250m, 600m, 3000m
Echoscope4G C500 250m, 600m, 3000m

CodaOctopus® Underwater Inspection System (UIS)

The Underwater Inspection System (UIS) includes:

  • Echoscope® real-time 3D sonar 
  • F190
  • Pre-Calibrated Housing
  • Pole-D
  • Above Water Camera


  • High Spec Laptop
  • Subsea VIM
  • Subsea PSU
  • Pole D (with VOOP kit, Quick Release ISAR Bucket, & Above Water Camera)

Motion Family

GEO Family