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Supplying the Next-Generation of 3D Solutions

Our real-time 3D solutions have revolutionized subsea operations and inspection, and have delivered significant time-saving, costs reduction due to the speed of operations, real-time monitoring and decision making, and health and safety benefits for numerous users. Our patented technology is the only commercially available sonar that can provide true real-time 3D volumetric imaging data underwater even in the most challenging zero visibility conditions. This unique capability provides unparalleled underwater scene awareness in similarly high frame rates as cameras but with the ability to also create accurate 3D models in real-time and without the reliance of complex and costly positioning and motion reference units, or the need for costly post-processing of the underwater data acquired.

Coda 3D Software


4G USE® is a multi-deployment and multi-sensor platform allowing for comprehensive integration of all data sources, visualization, and processing.

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CodaOctopus® Construction Monitoring Solution (CMS)

Complete breakwater construction management system to see, track, place, record and document concrete armored block placement.

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CodaOctopus® Vantage Visualization Module (VVM)

Multi-Aspect Real-Time 3D viewer to monitor live ROV and Vehicle operations on one or more independent computers.

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Echoscope PIPE® Sequencer

PIPE® Sequencer is a paid software module within 4G USE® for Echoscope PIPE® Sonars that permits the configuration and viewing of multiple real time 3D Data Sets.

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3D Multiple Automated Target Tracking (3D MATT)

3D MATT is a real-time multiple target tracker that uses the 3D data from our flagship real-time 3D volumetric sonar technology, the patented Echoscope® series.

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Coda 3D Hardware

Echoscope PIPE® C500 Inspector System

The Echoscope PIPE® C500 Inspector System is a modular, mobile platform designed to make sonar deployment simple and fast.

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CodaOctopus® Underwater Inspection System (UIS)

Our Underwater Inspection System (UIS) is specifically designed for Port and Harbor security activities, such as reconnaissance and inspection.

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CodaOctopus® Underwater Inspection System4G (UIS4G)

The UIS4G is much more lightweight and compact than its previous generation, the CodaOctopus® Underwater Inspection System (UIS), with a significantly reduced form factor and ease of deployment.

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End-to-end real-time diver management system (DAVD) for defense and commercial diving operations.

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Echoscope® Air

Echoscope Air - bringing real-time 3D data above the waterline.

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High powered ruggedized computing solution for harsh and rugged environments.

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Echoscope PIPE® C500 Handheld

Echoscope PIPE® C500 Handheld is designed to be hand deployed underwater

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Echoscope PIPE® AUV

The Echoscope PIPE® AUV is designed for integration in small torpedo-shaped autonomous underwater vehicles (AUVs)

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